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Quick search

If you want to make a quick search of an article, click on the menu Ricerca ( on the top ) and type the model you are looking for. You can use abbreviations like motard, diablo, power, d208, sc1, mt21minicross, scootercross, snow, slick, ww ( whitewall ) honda ( dedicated ), etc.

Or, if you are looking for a 120/70 zr 17 ( 58w ) M/C tyre, type 120/70 17, or 1207017 in "Codice Rapido"( Match-code )
If you are looking for a 3.25-19 58h M/C tyre, type 3.25 19 ( leave only a blank between the size and the diameter of the rim ), or 32519 in "Codice Rapido" ( Match-code )

If you are searching only a Cross tyre, also clik  on the little square that you find near the Cross [v] group.
If you want to limit your search to only one or more mark, clik on the little square your find near  the mark you desire ( othervise you will have a full search ).

To visualize the tread and possible information, clik on the magnifier you find under the code of each article.

Remember that, according to the Higway code, the tyre size must be the same of the size you have in your registration book.
The weight and speed codes can be the same of those you find in your registration book, but they can also exceed the latters.

All the prices are with included VAT taxes