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Brake pads/Brake discs

To make an order you have to inser in the box "testo" Brembo's or Newfren's code (click Ricerca).

If you inser Brembo's or Newfren's code without the last two letters or numbers (concerning the compound) you'll see also the brake pads that are in catalogue with the same form but with different compound.
For example: for brake pads of Brembo 07BB19SA  press BB19 For brake pads of Newfren FD0258BR press  0258      

PAY ATTENTION: first you have to compare the form and size of discs or of new brake pads between Newfren's catalogue or Brembo's catalogue and yours used.
Motorbike's construction year sometimes it's not the same of registration year, so it's not enough to use only motorbike's brand and model for a correct search.

In "detail Nik code" they are reported only sizes, while you can see in brand's catalogue the form (with Brembo you can also make a print with dimension 1:1)

A set of brake pads equips only a brake disc.
In Italy transport of Newfren's and Brembo's goods it's free.

All the prices are with included VAT taxes